Changes 2024-02-02


  • First prototype/proof of concept of a dual core watchdog concept and implementation.
  • This is not the final solution and will change. The idea is to implement a more generic thread-to-tread and core-to-core messaging, and build the watchdog mechanics thereupon.
  • See example program Watchdog Prototype 1.

PowerOn and Resets in New Module StartUp

  • The watchdog reset selections for the power-on state machine and the resets controller are now implemented in module Watchdog.
  • The remaining functionalities of modules PowerOn and Resets are unified in new module StartUp.
  • PowerOn and Resets are removed, the framework is updated accordingly.


  • Renamed Error.mod to Errors.mod
  • Errors.mod is now an extension to Astrobe’s Error, not a substitute. This should prevent the linker error messages about module Error being the wrong version, but Error must be on the library search path.
  • The framework is updated accordingly.


  • Renamed Terminal.mod to Terminals.mod, the framework is updated accordingly.

New Example Program