Changes 2024-04-04

Astrobe v9.1 Required

  • The free Astrobe for Cortex-M0 Personal Edition v9.1 has been available since mid February. It is the new baseline. All workarounds for former releases have been removed. Any workarounds for v9.1 are still in effect.
    • modules: Clocks, MultiCore, Messages

Module MemoryExt

  • Access to the RP2040’s two 4k SRAM blocks above the 256k block as specified by module Config and the corresponding Astrobe parameters.
  • Provides a feature to copy a procedure for execution from RAM in lieu of Flash (see example program).

Module MCU2

  • Extended with register addresses and other constants for access to XIP and BUSCTRL.

Module Timers

  • Extended for alarm interrupt handling
  • Removed procedure SetAlarm for now.

Module Messaging

  • Changed implicit type casts via ARRAY n OF BYTE parameters to explicit ones for clarity.

New Example Program

  • Explore the effects of running code from Flash, with and without cache, or from SRAM.
  • Mostly relevant for interrupt handlers.
  • See CodeLoading.