Changes 2024-04-25

New Library Module Alarms

  • Use the timer’s alarms for triggering interrupt handlers.
  • Alarms.mod

New Example Program AlarmEval

  • Introduce the test module Alarms, based on the same device concept as used for other peripherals, such as UARTs.
  • Evaluate and test the module for various timing scenarios, including different methods of recovery from attempting to arm alarms with time values in the past.
  • Evaluate pre-caching of code residing in flash memory, in lieu of loading it into SRAM.
  • Draw conclusions and design decisions for the library module Alarms, which is a simplified version of the module evaluated here, based on the test results.
  • AlarmEval

New Example Program AlarmTest

New Example Program BlinkPlusAlarm

  • A quick very basic proof of concept to show that a thread can be scheduled by an interrupt, a feature of kernel v2 not available with kernel v1.
  • BlinkPlusAlarm

Modules Exceptions and RuntimeErrors