Changes 2024-06-23

New Tool pio2o

  • Runs the PIO assembler pioasm to create the corresponding binary.
  • Generates an Oberon module to get this binary code, in order to then load it into the PIO instruction registers.
  • See pio2o.

New Example Program PIOsquare

  • Program one PIO state machine to output a square wave on a GPIO pin.
  • Use pio2o to assemble the corresponding PIO assembly code, and make it accesible via a generated Oberon module.
  • See PIOsquare.

Module MCU2

  • Add register address values for PIO.

Module UARTdev

  • Rename procedure ConfigInt to SetFifoLvl. This facility is also required for DMA, ie. not just part of the interrupt configuration.
  • Update program UARTint accordingly.